How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook

Hi! The laptop has become hot and noisy, so I decided to disassemble it (Watch in HD!)

It is worth mentioning that this laptop, unlike my HP ProBook 4710s (about which I wrote in the article How to
disassemble a laptop HP Probook), is disassembling very easy! As a constructor of Lego!

I want to draw your attention to several aspects:

1) Bolts from the bottom of the lid do not removing completely, they are fixed to the lid itself (if you do not know how to
take off — see the video);
2) Before removing upper panel, you need a blade to cut the sticker, which is in the «battery compartment»;
3) If you use a vacuum cleaner, then only on the smallest capacity and not touching the board (you can touch the
transistors \ condensers \ etc.) It is better to use compressed oxygenwhich is on sale in computer stores.

Thus, the disassembling procedure looks like this:

Remove the battery -> Unscrew and remove the bottom cover -> We took out the RAM, hard disk -> disconnect the
cable, as shown in the video -> Remove the DVD-Rom -> Do not forget to put the screws «on the shelves,» or boxes ->
Unscrew bolts that hold keyboard -> Picks (as shown in the video) the keyboard and remove it -> detach cables ->
unscrew 11 screws, then turn over the upper cover -> Remove the top cover -> unplug the power cord and cables ->
detach the display -> Clean the fan from «contagion» — > Putting it all back.

Of course, you can not do all these steps if you need to get only the hard drive or replace the RAM 😉
And here are some photos:

Motherboard - view from above

Motherboard — view from above

Downtrodden with dust the fan

Downtrodden with dust the fan

The fan with detached the plastic plate of the monitor - if you look closely, you can see dust between 2 lobes

The fan with detached the plastic plate of the monitor — if you look closely, you can see dust between 2 lobes

This is about 1 \ 2 of all dust, pulled out of the fan

I want to say that this Pavilion dv6 is only 10 months from date of purchase! And you can pull these pieces of dust
already… So please be careful and clean your laptops and computers!

This is my first experience of video editing!

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PS: Download the user manual of HP Pavilion dv6 Maintenance and Service Guide, a mirror (Yandex.Disk).
Download the user manual of HP Pavilion dv7 Maintenance and Service Guide

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Good luck! Your Atamovich

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